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Knight of the Salmonbot
The Salmonbot appears to have metamorphosed again. This time, it seems to be using ICQ accounts as a mask, as I got two separate instances in ten minutes. And I wonder if the bot switches out parts of sentences for ye olde English, as in a chat transcript I found on themissinghat .

The command $optout appeared to work, so I'm thinking this really is a descendant of Project Upstream.

9:17:39 AM 601564213: Everyone who excels is overcompensating.
9:17:47 AM me: You think?
9:18:08 AM 601564213: they do not pay me enough to think
9:18:20 AM me: Are you Eliza?
9:18:28 AM 601564213: then again, mayhap if i thought more, they would pay me better
9:18:52 AM 601564213: nay my namesake i Joe
9:18:57 AM 601564213: who art thou?
9:19:20 AM me: You don't know? How'd you IM me?
9:19:37 AM 601564213: ye sent me a scroll by way of carrier pigeon
9:19:48 AM me: No foolin'.
9:20:04 AM 601564213: yea, mayhap thou just got a wrong number
9:25:05 AM me: You know, I think we got Salmoned.


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