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I think I had one or two interesting dreams last night, or maybe the night before. Last night, there was certainly an engrossing, confusing dream that may have also been the interesting one, but I doubt it.

Yesterday was also very busy. I won't try to drive back from Barre on an hour's nap and single can of Pepsi again. I turned off the interstate at Waterbury to take the slow road home, just in case.

It has been, I must say, a busy weekend. Visited with an old friend, played a Strands of Fate game in Burlington, then All Flesh Must Be Eaten with a different group down in Barre, visited another friend for the aforementioned nap, got home, slept more, then skived off two social engagements, pleading overtiredness, to sit in my mom's back yard and finish The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, scoring a free lunch of salmon in crepes with bechamel sauce on the way

The Night Cougher

I went home early on Monday, as I had a tickle developing in the back of my throat. It's developed into congestion, coughing, tiredness and all that jazz.

This morning I woke up feeling the worse yet, so I'm hoping that means I'm peaking -- nadiring? I'd really like to start feeling better soon.

In the meantime, I've had an informal Kolchak: The Night Stalker marathon, working my way through the series. It's a veritable who's who of 70s guest stars. The one I'm watching now, Chopper, has Larry Linville (Frank Burns) and Jim Backus (Thurston Howell III). Jamie Farr was a high school biology teacher a few episodes back.

Darren McGavin made this show what it was. No wonder the revival didn't last.

Choose to Decide

A couple years ago, I talked with a former professor. On mentioning how easily blocked I become writing a story, she told me, "The character's going have to fall off the rock," in reference to a particular situation. "You decide what happens next."

I'm feeling that strongly these days. This cartoon in particular characterizes my state of mind.


Sifting through old papers, I found a cache of reproductions from a fine arts class study guide. Highlights include Night Hawks, Portrait of a Madman (Assassin or Kleptomaniac), The Night Cafe, and Polar Ice (The Frozen Sea).

I can't decide whether to keep these, throw them out or use them as a buying guide to real wall art.

Knight of the Salmonbot

The Salmonbot appears to have metamorphosed again. This time, it seems to be using ICQ accounts as a mask, as I got two separate instances in ten minutes. And I wonder if the bot switches out parts of sentences for ye olde English, as in a chat transcript I found on themissinghat .

The command $optout appeared to work, so I'm thinking this really is a descendant of Project Upstream.

9:17:39 AM 601564213: Everyone who excels is overcompensating.
9:17:47 AM me: You think?
9:18:08 AM 601564213: they do not pay me enough to think
9:18:20 AM me: Are you Eliza?
9:18:28 AM 601564213: then again, mayhap if i thought more, they would pay me better
9:18:52 AM 601564213: nay my namesake i Joe
9:18:57 AM 601564213: who art thou?
9:19:20 AM me: You don't know? How'd you IM me?
9:19:37 AM 601564213: ye sent me a scroll by way of carrier pigeon
9:19:48 AM me: No foolin'.
9:20:04 AM 601564213: yea, mayhap thou just got a wrong number
9:25:05 AM me: You know, I think we got Salmoned.

Instant Karma

Trudging up to work this morning as I do, I came to my usual right hand turn onto South Union St. A flicker blue button down shirt at the corner of my eye and rushing wind was all the warning I had of the idiot recklessly careening along the sidewalk on a bicycle. He successfully swerved around me, while I mostly just spun in place tracking the action.

In avoiding me, the bicyclist hurtled into the intersection, where he was promptly struck by a turning car and knocked to the ground. He bounced back up, waved off the driver and sped off into the distance -- to cause more accidents elsewhere, I imagine.

Instant karma's gonna get you.

Let's All Go to the Lobby

I overheard a bit of small town life this evening.

Having a snack at Barre Dogs, I watch a man walk in to use the bathroom. He mentions going to the movies to see The Sorcerer's Apprentice. The proprietress expresses surprise.

"Well," he replies, "I already saw Twilight."

Barre's a two screen town, I knew that fact, but the reality of what it meant still surprised me.