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I think I had one or two interesting dreams last night, or maybe the night before. Last night, there was certainly an engrossing, confusing dream that may have also been the interesting one, but I doubt it.

Yesterday was also very busy. I won't try to drive back from Barre on an hour's nap and single can of Pepsi again. I turned off the interstate at Waterbury to take the slow road home, just in case.

It has been, I must say, a busy weekend. Visited with an old friend, played a Strands of Fate game in Burlington, then All Flesh Must Be Eaten with a different group down in Barre, visited another friend for the aforementioned nap, got home, slept more, then skived off two social engagements, pleading overtiredness, to sit in my mom's back yard and finish The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, scoring a free lunch of salmon in crepes with bechamel sauce on the way


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